Hakim dental clinic is a multidisciplinary family dental clinic. We offer a vast range of customized dental services on site that will fulfill your whole family’s needs. In our dental clinic, we believe that dentistry is a scientific field with an artistic component. Our approach is geared towards the comfort and well-being of our patients. We have clients for more than thirty years includes patients from ages of 3 to 92! To provide you with high-quality services at a fair price, we’re committed to:

Seeing you as quickly as possible if you have pain or an emergency. We will then choose the appropriate treatment and relieve you of your pain.

Continuing to follow continuing education courses to stay constantly up-to-date in our field.

Taking the time necessary for you to understand what’s going on in your mouth, as well as providing you with different treatment alternatives suited to your needs and your budget.

Our sterilization and sanitization processes are impeccable. We use an external laboratory to perform monthly sterilization tests on our equipment. 

We use products sold by reputed manufacturers and strive to use the best products on the market. 

We’re environmentally aware and purchase certified green products. 

We’re a latex-free clinic.

We’re proud of our work and love what we do. You can be assured that you will receive quality treatments.