Cosmetic dentistry

The Clinique Dentaire Hakim located in the Anjou-Mercier neighbourhood of Montreal, offers a wide range of dental services for patients of all ages.

Clinique dentaire Hakim’s team offers cosmetic dentistry services. These services aim to modify the 3 main aspects of teeth, which are:

  • Teeth color ;
  • Teeth alignment or teeth position ;
  • The morphology (form or shape) of teeth.

Our team offers cosmetic dentistry services, allowing you to show off your radiant smile with  straight white teeth. Our services also include closing spaces or gaps between your front teeth.

Here are a few treatments that will enhance your smile:

Teeth whitening

We offer teeth whitening services within our clinic. We use the Zoom whitening technique from the show Extreme Makeover. After placing a liquid rubber dam to protect your gums, a highly concentrated and effective product (hydrogen peroxide 35%) is applied to your teeth and activated with a DEL lamp in four different cycles of 15 minutes each.

The results we obtain exceed by far at-home treatments or treatments sold at your local pharmacy. Indeed these contain much lower concentrations of the active whitening agent, respectively less than 10% and less than 3.5%. Our ZOOM whitening treatment is performed under direct supervision of a dentist since the technique uses a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Your dentist will place a liquid dental dam over your gums and soft tissues in order to protect them from the whitening agent that may burn them otherwise.

Please note that a dental exam is very important for your safety before proceeding with teeth whitening. For example a patient with sensitive teeth, it may be advised to delay or not to go ahead with the treatment in order to prevent further sensitivity.

ZOOM whitening treatment results last 3 to 5 years though a few touch ups are necessary to maximize efficiency over the years.


In order to improve your smile, our team is able to design and place veneers. Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain or composite (white filling material) that are glued to the front part of your teeth. They can improve the shape and the color of your teeth. They can also close spaces or gaps between teeth and even modify a tooth’s position.

The dentist needs to prepare the tooth then apply a chemical agent that roughens the surface of the tooth to improve bonding between the veneer and the tooth. Porcelain or ceramic veneers typically last 10 years. Veneers will give your smile a great makeover.

Anterior Crowns

Porcelain /ceramic crowns are necessary when the remaining natural tooth structure is considered insufficient support for veneers or if the tooth has received a root canal treatment.

Clinique dentaire Hakim’s team uses CEREC technology, a procedure allowing them to make crowns within the dental practice. The crown is prepared and placed within the same appointment. CEREC uses a digital camera to take an impression of the prepared tooth. The dentist has to validate the impression and design the crown with the help of the program. This information is then sent to their milling chamber that will fabricate your crown. Your custom-made crown is made by your dentist, in his dental office! Your dentist will then place and lightly adjust your crown, so that when you leave our clinic, looking your best !

Whether it be to improve the color of your teeth or even to enhance their general appearance, Clinique dentaire Hakim’s team will be able to advise you which cosmetic treatment is best for you.

Clinique dentaire Hakim: your dentist in Anjou-Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.