Our clinic offers a wide range of general and cosmetic services for patients of all ages. Whether you are looking to correct a dental concern or improve your smile, we have the necessary techniques to assist you.

Orthodontics aims to correct teeth that are misaligned or crooked, for functional and cosmetic reasons.  These problems usually cause malocclusion, meaning that there is an imperfect positionning of teeth when the jaws are closed.

Malocclusion can cause many oral problems since teeth are more difficult to clean. Cavities and gum disease become more prevalent. Malocclusion can also make chewing more challenging. Crooked teeth usually show premature wear.

At Clinique dentaire Michel Hakim,  we offer orthodontic services including regular braces and Invisalign technology.

Who may benefit from orthodontics? 


All patients suffering from malocclusion, crooked teeth can benefit from an orthodontic treatment. Even though orthodontic treatments are more commonly seen in adolescents, orthodontics is possible at all ages! It is never  too late to correct a problem.

Traditional braces

Traditional braces are composed of metal or ceramic brackets that are connected to one another by a metal wire.  This system applies light, constant pressure on teeth. Slowly teeth will move into the right position in the mouth.

Braces require regular adjustments in order to maintain forces exerted on teeth. Strict oral hygiene is necessary since braces render teeth more difficult to clean. Food can easily get caught in the brackets and wire.

Braces are still widely used to improve smiles by realigning teeth. Braces tackle both cosmetic and functional problems.



Invisalign technology is a practically invisible orthodontic treatment! A series of aligners gently move teeth. The tooth movement is planned carefully using computer technology that then fabricates the aligners perfectly adapted for the planned treatment.

Invisalign technology has many advantages. First of all the aligners are transparent so practically invisible. They are also comfortable to wear. Furthermore the aligner scan be removed when eating and for your oral hygiene routine.

Thanks to computer technology, patients can see the results that they will obtain wearing Invisalign before they start their orthodontic treatment. Invisalign requires perfect patient compliance. It is recommended for this reason for adults mainly.


If you wish to improve your smile or correct a functional problem, call our team now. We will be able to advise you about the best treatment options available to you!