Partial and Full Dentures

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Dental prostheses replace missing teeth. As mentionned previously, it is essential to replace missing teeth, if not the remaining teeth will move and many other oral problems may appear.

There are several kinds of dental prostheses, partial dentures replacing a few teeth and full dentures replacing all upper or lower teeth. These dentures are often removable, meaning that you can remove them for cleaning or when sleeping for increased comfort. There are also fixed dentures where the full denture is fixed to implants.

If you have missing teeth due to cavities, broken teeth, gum disease, your dentist might recommend you wear a denture.

When should I wear dental prostheses?

Full dentures are a solution when replacing all missing teeth on the upper or lower jaw. They replace 14 teeth on the bottom or on the top (wisdom teeth are not added).Partial dentures are recommended when replacing a few teeth that are missing.

Full dentures

Full dentures stay in place by sitting on top of your gums. Upper full dentures stay in place even better since there is a suction effect on the palate.Since tooth loss results is bone loss over the years, dentures must be readjusted /or redone every 5 years to ensure proper fit.

It is important to remove dentures at night when sleeping to allow oral tissues to breathe and to reduce fungal infections and oral candidiasis (thrush). Proper denture care and cleaning is important since tartar and bacteria can build up on them.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are made out of acrylic resin with a chrome cobalt framework. Metal clasps and occlusal rests on natural teeth allow them to sit comfortably and to be stable.Remaining teeth are considered valuable support for dentures and provide prosthetic stability, especially on the lower jaw. Keeping as many healthy natural teeth as possible also allows preservation of the bone structure.

How are dentures made?
Full or partial dentures that are properly fitted and comfortable often require 4 to 5 appointments.
• The first appointment allows us to evaluate your x-rays and your gum health. We will also take an impression which we use for study models;
• During your second appointment we take a final impression with a custom-made impression tray. For partial dentures, occlusal rests and guidance planes are prepared on some teeth, to allow your denture to fit perfectly ;
• During your third appointment, the metal framework of the partial denture or the acrylic base is tried on and measurements are taken. We will also choose the shape and color of your teeth ;
• On the fourth appointment the teeth mounted in wax are tried on. We check the fit, the aesthetics and phonetics. Any necessary modifications are made ;
• We deliver your denture on the fifth appointment.

 If you wish to replace one or more missing teeth, contact your dentist to discuss which option is best for you. The Clinique dentaire Michel Hakim’s team have the necessary qualifications and skills to design, fabricate and adjust many different kinds of dentures. Come and meet our team!