Traditional dental bridges and Maryland bridges

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Dental bridges are an excellent option for replacing one or more missing teeth.

Why replace a missing tooth?

Our mouth is in perfect balance where each tooth is important and plays a unique role. If a tooth is missing, the other teeth will migrate and attempt to fill the empty space. After a few years adjacent teeth will rotate, opposing teeth will supra-erupt and spaces between teeth might appear.  This will destabilize the occlusion or bite. A person with one or more missing teeth will have the tendency to chew more on the opposite side of their mouth. Many other problems may appear such as premature wear on teeth, temporo-mandibular joint issues, food particles and bacteria accumulating if spaces between teeth increase as well as modified aesthetics you may dislike.

Traditional dental bridges

A traditional dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth in between two crowns that act as pillars. These two teeth may be your own teeth that are prepared to receive crowns or even implants.

Crowns are hollow, artificial teeth that are made out of ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal or zirconia that sit over a natural tooth or implant. They look like natural teeth.

These are the necessary steps for the making and seating of a traditional dental bridge:

  • After a few preliminary steps and anesthesia, the teeth receiving the crowns are prepped according to specific standards.
  • Measurements and dental impressions are taken of the area receiving the bridge. Temporary crowns will be placed over the prepared teeth ;
  • The bridge replacing the missing teeth, as well as the two crowns is made in the laboratory with the help of the measurements and impressions taken. This way, the bridge will blend nicely with the patient’s natural teeth
  • The temporary crowns are removed and the bridge is inserted and evaluated. If both the dentist and patient are satisfied, the bridge will be cemented or bonded.


Bridges are esthetically pleasing  and may last many years if they are properly taken care of. They require the same care as natural teeth (flossing and brushing).

Maryland bridge

A Maryland bridge is another solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. Artificial tooth (or teeth) are fabricated with metal or zirconia wings. These wings are made to be bonded to adjacent natural teeth.  Although this kind of bridge may not last as long as a traditional bridge, it is great option to be considered when a space is small in-between teeth and when the neighbouring teeth are healthy (no fillings). Minimal preparation is necessary on adjacent teeth and requires no anaesthetic. A dental impression is taken and sent to the laboratory to fabricate the Maryland bridge.

You think a traditionnal or a Maryland bridge might be an option for you? Contact Clinique dentaire Michel Hakim a we will be happy to evaluate your case!